Give the Gift of Water and Make a Difference

The next time you take a cold drink of water or take a warm shower, stop and remember there are over 1 billion people in this world who have no access to clean or running water. This holiday season help make a difference. Give a friend or loved one the gift of knowing they are making this world a better place in the form of a donation in their name to The Sky is Not Limited.
All of the money raised will go directly toward constructing solar well projects in the East African country of Tanzania in the summer of 2014. These wells, built by The Sky is Not Limited founder Kevin Bailey, will offer a fresh and clean water source for an entire village of people, including schools, who would otherwise not have access to one. Instead of villagers walking great distances to find a water source - which can often be contaminated and unsafe - these wells offer a safe place to gather clean water all while being powered by the sun.
As a thank you for your support we are offering special gifts to donors this season:

      • $20 or more will come with a Thank You note/certificate from the Sky is Not Limited that you can present to your recipient.
      • $50 or more will receive the note/certificate and a copy of our DVD of our recent trip to Tanzania, showing the great impact the wells have on these villagers.
      • $125 or more will come with a beautiful hand-made Tanzanian sculpture as our gift to you (as supplies last).
      • $200 or more will also receive recognition on our website (
      • $1000 or more will get donors a photo from the well site with their name or logo.

The gift of helping others is the ultimate gift, and we appreciate your support this holiday season.
From your friends at The Sky is Not Limited




Give The Gift of Water


2013 African Clean Water Project

 2013 Solar Project  


2013 led The Sky is Not Limited to fund and help install three solar powered wells in rural Tanzania. Combined, these three wells can pump 7,500 gallons of water on a sunny day. In total, more than 10,000 people can receive daily drinking water from these systems. The water is extremely clean and reliable during dry spells. Members of The Sky is Not Limited tasted this well water first hand.

While in Tanzania, founding members Kevin and Tiffany Bailey visited one of the existing well sites from 2012 at Mkokozi Primary School. While driving up to the well site, a older woman was found filling her bucket. She told them that she walks about 1 mile to this well to obtain clean drinking water about 10 times per week.

As we look forwards to 2014, The Sky is Not Limited hopes to fund more projects like these to help make people's lives easier. Please consider donating or contacting us to get involved!"


10K Grant Received from The Flahive Family Foundation

Flahive Foundation 


The Flahive Family Foundation saw an article that I had published on, which is a Dave Matthews fan club site. An excerpt from the article written by me. "Dave Matthews Band has changed my life - and it goes way further than just the music they create. They have indirectly changed many other people’s lives as well. Back in 2006, I started a non-profit organization called The Sky is Not Limited. The goal has always been simple - to get people in dire need of clean water exactly that, through the use of solar power.

I credit the band’s music as one key ingredient to the inspiration needed to create my non-profit and carry its vision to reality. After several years of hard work and dedication, that reality is about to come alive. On November 4th, I traveled to Tanzania to install a solar powered well pump for a village in the rural country side, four years after the idea’s inception. This will be the first project for The Sky is Not Limited. Nearly all of the funds used to support this installation have come from other fans and their generous spirits at DMB shows. "- Read more...

This article hit the chords with them and they graciously donated to our cause! To Learn more about their organization go to   Special thanks to Michael!

Get Involved

The Sky is Not Limited is a public charity run by a group of friends that volunteer their time to make its goals a success. We are constantly looking for more volunteers to help with our clean water goals. If you would like to get involved, send us an e-mail. There are opportunities for volunteers to set up displays at concerts, host fundraisers, and even assist with the solar projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Our company’s aim is to provide drinking water to people in need all over the world. The Sky is Not Limited has been set up as a non-profit publ ic charity to help get people clean water.

The organization plans to set up stations for providing water to people throughout the world. Stations will use solar power, or photovoltaics, to generate electricity. Electricity can be used to power well pumps.  

Many areas which have no clean water have no electricity, which makes solar electricity the perfect solution for the problem of dirty water.  

Well pumps can pump water during times of sunshine. 

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Our Headquarters is located at:
64 High Street
Green Island
N.Y. 12183

Telephone: 518-209-6727

Click here to download a pdf that you can print and mail with your contribution.

If you would like to fund raise for our organization, contact us.